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  • It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Chainsaw

    And yes, I do have a Lancelot.And yes, it is threatening. Don't take your eye of this birdy. RPM's need to stay very high to avoid accidents

    Ummm, I believe it's called 'The Lancelot', and they are stationary on a 4 or 4.5 inch disk setup. Very dangerous, grinders point this out in the manuals. This looks way too dangerous. Now if you wanted to weld little paddles or ducks on the teeth it would be cool, but no oil, chain larger than a tool...just looks like an accident waiting for this guy. CARELESSNESS IS A BAD EXCUSE FOR BLEEDING, and I see no care here.Have fun you kids, and be back soon. dindin is almost done.

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