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agm883 years ago
well i can tell u your a better solderer than i am =)
1up (author)  agm883 years ago
Hah, thank you! Years and years of practice. There's always still room for improvement, though!
dthomas85 years ago
Uh im interested with building a ps2 portable but can it have a working internet slot. Because i play eqoa and i don't have lots of time to sit and play in front of my tv so i though of bringing it and plunging it in at the internet slot where i am.
SkipperOf7 years ago
I'm working on that video game portable instructable you posted, and its well written and fun! Bravo.
mg0930mg7 years ago
Hey, I wanted to make a n64 portable, and wanted to know if you had any direct links to some helpful pages. All people tell me is the benheck forums and I end up looking for ages...
1up (author)  mg0930mg7 years ago
Here's all the info you'll ever need:
mg0930mg 1up7 years ago
Was there a specific article or anything that helped you? sorry, if I'm annoying you..
1up (author)  mg0930mg7 years ago
Here's the dead Video Pinout diagram:
Here it is fixed:
You should be able to figure it out from that. I suggest looking at the video pinout, and wiring diagrams. There's tons of info, if you know where to look.

Here is a good thread about the TI PTH08080x regulator, which gives you the 3.3v you need.
1up (author)  1up7 years ago
Whoops, sorry, that's not the video pinout thread. But you get the idea. Easy, right?
mg0930mg 1up7 years ago
Oh, thanks! =D
mg0930mg 1up7 years ago
...and all those links are broken, even the revised one on page 7.
Jwiggs778 years ago
Do you know how to do the switch mod on a ds?
1up (author)  Jwiggs778 years ago
Huh? What's that?
I think he means the LED mod.
1up (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Are there even any transparent DS's?