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artworker3 years ago
Did you get the images?
2hot2hack (author)  artworker3 years ago
no. well if you have facebook inbox me and il add you and send it that way
Get your files at :
Reply here when done!
2hot2hack (author)  artworker3 years ago
thay look hectic bra i love it
Thx! Someday I will post an ible how to make them in 15 mins or less!
2hot2hack (author)  artworker3 years ago
what program did you use and can you put a downlode link plz
I used MS Office Powerpoint. Mostly I use powerpoint. I rarely use photoshop. U can see my other images at
instruct393 years ago
hello, i noticed you joined my sub4sub group. in order to be in this group you have to follow me, once you do i follow you. if you forgot or didnt already know, thats ok, just giving you a friendly reminder!
thanks for being my 30th follower! i also followed you to in order to not break the rules of my group, thanks again
2hot2hack (author)  instruct393 years ago
yo its all good
dombeef3 years ago
Trolling is a art.
2hot2hack (author)  dombeef3 years ago
And an art i shal make it
dude7873 years ago
thx for joining my group
2hot2hack (author)  dude7873 years ago
its aok
builderkidj3 years ago
Hello there!