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Oct. 3, 2016
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  • VU Meter - LED Noise-o-Meter for Classrooms

    I use a similar strip with my K-age kids on Sundays. My "party lights" are a reverse incentive, encouraging them to sing out at music time and cheer with gusto.I might imagine building a "peace gauge" to motivate quiet, with the color zones inverted. Total peace would light every LED as a tower of green, and each degree of sound would reduce the tower by one, until the LEDS went yellow upon falling to the warning zone, and red if the excessive zone was breached (along with adding one tick to the red tally). I might impose a time delay, such that acceptable levels had to be maintained for 15-30 seconds for a red condition to clear. The time delay would limit the number of negative red points tallied as well, with an occasional reward for a "zero sum" day. I'm sure I'd want to filter out sound spikes like door bangs, to give the class a fair shot at succeeding.

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