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April 15, 2009
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  • 3dChris commented on lebowski's instructable Hiccups Cure3 months ago
    Hiccups Cure

    Drinking small sips of water every few seconds doesn't help me. When I get them I get them bad. And I have found the only thing that consistently works for me is to get one or two full glasses or bottles of water, and drink at a continuous and medium to 'gulping' pace. I think it's the combination of being super full (it helps if it's something easy on the stomach like water - no carbonated beverages and no alcohol) and mostly due to all the muscles that are involved while swallowing water being kept 'busy'. If I notice the hiccup pattern is about once every 30 seconds, then I try to continuously drink for 30-60 seconds, while breathing through my nose very calmly. The longer I need to drink , the more the gulps get reduced to more like sips. But if I stop early, or pause while drinking, usually the hiccup sneaks in at that moment. I hope this helps someone else. Just try to be calm and focus on breathing while drinking and drinking and drinking....

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