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  • 4footermama commented on MORENA DIY's instructable How to Eat Bottle of Coke???????1 year ago
    How to Eat Bottle of Coke???????

    Somehow, I am missing something. How much gelatin do you use? Can you substitute gel sheets? Can you use sugar free? How long do you "cook" the cola? How long do you microwave it? How long do you shake it? How long does the whole process take? I really want to try this but I am feeling a little thin on instructions.

    Never mind. I found other examples on youtube.

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  • 4footermama commented on Kreat0r's instructable A Best kept secret to Losing weight1 year ago
    A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    Oddly enough, I have been losing weight recently and I could not figure out why. Now I know. I live alone so I eat on a whenever I feel like it schedule. And I eat whatever I feel like eating. (Except, I have made huge strides in eating non-messed with food products.) My schedule has been pretty much what you suggest and my results have been what you predicted. NOW, I know the reason for the lose. I have a name for it and I will be mindful to follow it even more closely. Thank you so much for the name and encouragement. At this rate, I should lose the weight I want by the end of next summer.

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