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  • Arduino - Oscilloscope (poor man's Oscilloscope)

    Hello, I have been trying to use this tutorial to read the pulses of a 555 timer in astable mode with my Arduino UNO but I've encountered some troubles :My 555 circuit uses two resistors of equal resistance = 47 ohms and a capacitor of 1microF. I am thus expecting a square wave, oscillating between 5 and 0V with a frequency around 10Hz and a 25% duty cycle.When I connect my 555 output to ground through a "test" LED, this one blinks normally. However, when connected to pin A0, the LED doesn't blink anymore and of course I get no reading on the screen (flat red line).Could anybody help me ?

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  • 78Manny78 followed Pets, Life Hacks, Robots, Electronics and 10 others channel 2 years ago