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cssimeur4 years ago
I saw on an old thread you had mentioned you might post an ible about how to make professional quality paper mache. Any chance that still may happen?

Most of the recipes I've seen use flour or wheat and I'm curious if the professionals use something that isn't quite as attractive to insects?
zascecs6 years ago
I see that you're into magic, I'm just wondering if you know any "Sleight-of-hand" card tricks? 
92033 (author)  zascecs6 years ago
I do 'some'...IF you're seriously interested in learning 'Sleight Of Hand' Magic I recommend the classic book on the subject, titled: "Sleight Of Hand Magic" by Sachs. You can get a paperback reprint from any book dealer...or go to <www.AbeBooks.com>...they are the biggest book researcher there is. If you go through Abe...get the original hardbound edition as it is better with all the diagrams clearly printed...but...expect to put-in a lot of hours of practice to get perfection...practicing in front of a mirror to watch your 'angles'.
Hope this makes sense.
If you live anywhere near Michigan there is an Annual Magic Get-Together scheduled for first week in August...can learn a lot there for free if you're serious about magic. If interested I can put you in touch there with a good friend of mine who is co-sponsor of this Great Annual event.
Take care.
zascecs 920336 years ago
O.K., thanks for the help, I'll probably get the book; I live nowhere near Michigan.

...or, you could make some ibles...
92033 (author)  zascecs6 years ago
Too bad...it would be a lifetime experience that you'd never forget.
"ibles"...wha-titzit? :-)

If it's 'instructions online'...no-can-do...It would be classified as 'exposures' to the masses...like..."Magicians Don't Reveal Their 'Secrets' " kinda thing. :-)

The book is your best source...always handy and you can select your favorite interest. Also...your local Library is an excellent source...check it out.

And IF you're REALLY interested...the best and biggest course in learning Magic is "THE TARBELL COURSE"...8 hardbound volumes...cost around a hundred twenty-five dollars US.
I could list a 'ten foot bookshelf' of titles that are classics that everyone aspired to become magic oriented, should have in their own personal library. And IF you should ever get to that serious kind of interest...believe me...you'll eventually own them all. ;-)

HIGHLY recommended is the book: "Mark Wilson Course in Magic" for $25.00...one of the best...a Classic in the Profession. He is 'The Magic Of Alacazam" TV series fame...wife's name is Nani Darnel. It's a 8-1/2x11 inch thick book with hundreds of classics in it...all you really need...simple but astonishing Magic Effects and Illusions.

If you bought the tricks in the book seperately from a magic dealer, they would cost you thousands of dollars. If you happen to have a Magic Shop near where you live...drop in for a visit...even if you have to drive 50 to 100 miles to get to one...it'll be worth it...a whole new world will open up for you...really exciting stuff.

And IFFEN YER REALLY serious...go to Search and type-in the Word "Magic Tricks" or "Magicians" (with the "quotation marks")...it'll blow you away in astonishment. Hope this helps.

Hey...maybe I should start a new field on Magic...but don't have the time. There is EVERYTHING and MORE than anyone could ever want to know already published in books, VIDEOS and online. :-)

Speaking of 'videos'...the series: "Jaw Dropping Magic" is the fastest way yo learn...type it in on Search. I have the originals (3-volumes) on VHS tape but prefer to have them on DVD.  You'll love 'em.

Take care.

~ ED
zascecs 920336 years ago
Well, thanks for all the help. Appreciate it...

By the way, an ible would be an instructable.