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July 5, 2016
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  • AF6YS commented on Instructa-Nathan's instructable No Nonsense Survival Kit1 day ago
    No Nonsense Survival Kit

    How about using some tape to tape the mirror to the outside of the box, and then use your para-cord over the mirror. If size and weight aren't a consideration, I would go ahead and do that!Just make sure that you don't use tape over a silvered mirror because it might pull the silver off. I think more mirrors are polished aluminum.

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  • AF6YS commented on JP'sW's instructable Transfer Photograph onto Wood5 days ago
    Transfer Photograph onto Wood

    I can answer that, laser printers and photocopiers use a non water soluble toner, if you have access to a color laser printer you could use that.Inkjet uses ink that is water soluble.Ooops just saw that someone already answered that. My problem was the paper taking some of the toner with it.

    Good tip about using a router, I would use something smaller like a Dremel.

    Excellent -able! I tried it earlier this year and had problems removing the paper. I was removing part of the image too. Did you use any special paper? I also tried it on a cinder block as in the picture.I also noticed that your image was not too contrasty. It does help. When I tried it on wood, the grain of the wood wasn't seen because it was all white, maybe I used too much Mod Podge.I also have to comment on your great shop, clean and well organized! I also like your using safety glasses and particle mask! Safety safety safety!

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  • AF6YS commented on Instructa-Nathan's instructable No Nonsense Survival Kit6 days ago
    No Nonsense Survival Kit

    Excellent point!

    Good job! I just have two comments, there's one typo,"wights". and instead of the foil for the signaling, why not just use a signal mirror with a hole for aiming" Unless there was a reason to go on the cheap. But otherwise a fine job.

    People can die from exposure in the desert doncha know? I have a fanny pack to carry stuff I can't fit in an Altoids tin, such as 2 space blankets, (1 is good for one person! Also have a rain Poncho and a windbreaker. Other things such as a rechargeable battery for electronics, solar powered battery backup (good because it's renewable- but slow to recharge.) I also carry my (hand-held) ham radio with an extra battery.

    We're going to need a bigger tin! HaHa!I have CyanoAcrilate (not the original, but knock off) in my kit, which is larger than an Altoids tin, but where do you draw the line on what to take and what to leave behind and wish you hadn't? You can't carry a suitcase around with you, yet my car was, never mind what it looked like- I live in the Mojave desert. It can be unforgiving if you don't go on well traveled roads and get stuck broken down with no cell reception, even if you go on a well traveled road, people don't stop these days, and for good reason! That is why I'm an amateur radio operator.

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  • AF6YS commented on juniortan's instructable Smoking in an apartment1 week ago
    Smoking in an apartment

    Was you smoker in pain at the end? Was your smoker on a transplant list?My condolences to you and your family...

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  • AF6YS commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable 14+ Unusual Uses for Mouthwash2 weeks ago
    14+ Unusual Uses for Mouthwash

    Great ideas I've never heard of, but the dog one, well beware! Sugar-Free on dogs isn't a good idea as they lick their coats. Even if it dries. Check the label to make there isn't any Sorbitol, Maltitol any of the (itol family of sweeteners) are poisonous to dogs and cats.http://www.natureworldnews.com/articles/22274/20160516/pet-care-common-artificial-sweetener-fatal-dogs.htm

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  • Light Up Rooms With Solar Power - DIY 10$ Project

    Also, don't you have to seal the the panels against the weather?

    Excellent job! Also, you have a beautiful, neat and well organized work area too!I was wondering if you considered a storage battery for nite time viewing?

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  • AF6YS commented on frenzy's instructable How to hack EEG toys with arduino1 month ago
    How to hack EEG toys with arduino

    That would be an awesome use of brain power. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has done research on thought control between military hardware (fighter jets) and pilots may actually include surgical intervention. Implants of sensors to control flight and or weapons.I'm reminded of the Clint Eastwood movie FireFox, has thought control weapons systems, but he has to THINK in Russian! Excellent movie, regardless of of the reality of the state of the art of "thought control weapons systems!"https://youtu.be/sYh9_QmNwRA

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  • AF6YS followed Nick705871 month ago
  • How to Make a Delicious Caramel (on Your First Attempt!)

    Very nice, and has gotten my sweet tooth excited!I have an altogether different and a heck of a lot easier method.The ingredients are: 1 can of Carnations (or store brand) Condensed milk (also known as Dulce de Leche in Mexican neighborhoods)A slow cooker or crock pot. A pair of tongs to lift the can out after cooking.Water filled to the almost top of the can of condensed milk (or Dulce de Leche) inside the crock pot. It won't rise, but the water level will drop due to evaporation, you could add more water. Put the lid on and put the cooker on "slow" or "low" heat. The Caramel cooks inside the can and can take up to 4 hours, but you may want to keep a watchful eye every hour or so. Don't worry about the label.You will want to wear some oven mitts or silicone gloves to handle the can. Or you can wait till the caramel has cooled to handle.It also works with sugar free condensed milk!Enjoy!

    That is ok, I won't hold it against you! lol! I'd like to try your caramel and do a tasty comparison.. Haha!

    Yuck! For 1 can, no problem, for ten big problem!!!

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  • AF6YS commented on willneverbill's instructable Decorative Squiggles2 months ago
    Decorative Squiggles

    I used to do this around other images. Very nice. Have you considered coloring inside the lines?Very left brain.

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  • AF6YS commented on halledean's instructable Leather Underbust Harness3 months ago
    Leather Underbust Harness

    Excellent job! Great craftsmanship. Excellent presentation.I have one constructive criticism, and it isn't really a fault. Consider branching out and trying a little embellishment. Maybe some scrollwork, or whatever you like. Just a suggestion, what you have is perfect the way it is.

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