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  • Realistic Flickering Flame Effect With Arduino and LED's

    A simple, yet convincing flame effect!Used it with two 8 mm LEDs (red and orange, but may switch red with something else, not sure yet) and AtTiny85.I have used two bright LEDs with clear cases, these were the brightest, but had to sand them with sandpaper (fine grit) to make lighting more even.Thank you very much!

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  • AKIREEV commented on Gelstronic's instructable Poor Man's 3D Printer2 years ago
    Poor Man's 3D Printer

    Ramps 1.4 (that's what I've got and what I intend to use) has Z-steppers connected in parallel (see here - - Z-MOT and Z-MOT1), which means there's no way they can be controlled separately.You can't change steps per mm on one without changing it on the other.Anyway, I went with a different design already, I'm making a counterweight for my single Z motor at the moment.

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