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sainath7147 hours ago

hi,i am doing this project and t i am getting the voltage but i did not get curret as 1 mill amps,iam getting as .0020microamps so could u help in this?i also connected parallel...................................,

i have one doubt that whic diodes we have to use?

i think so that it is practically not possible,

hey i am talking about foot step power generation

hi i have just seen your project for your bluetooth speaker boombox and i think it;s brilliant what you have done so i was thinking of building on myself and was looking a your wiring diagram and was wondering instead of using the amp you built for the woofer could you just use another digital amp you used with the other speakers and if so do you need the resistors on that line if you could let me know i would be grateful

Hey, Angelo, I need help with the testing part, I want to test how much electricity is generated by only one piezo disc. Do I still need the Mylar capacitor? And how do I connect the piezo disc to the Mylar capacitor then to the digital multimeter?

If you need to send me an Email, then send it to:


mielke1121 days ago

do you know if it is possible to use an lm4871 instead of the 8002B ic for the DIY Supercharged Bluetooth Speaker (v2.0) project?

ASCAS (author)  mielke1117 days ago

As far as I can recall, they're both the same.

What camera/lighting do you use? I really like your photos.

ASCAS (author)  Jonathanrjpereira17 days ago

I'm using my Nikon D5300 with a 17-55 f/2.8 lens. As for the lighting, I'm just using a simple desk lamp.

Tanmayg1 month ago

What should be the dimensions of pcb in radio transmitter?

wildan.mai3 months ago

is it okay to use 4400 mAH mobile power bank? and i used 11 piezoelectric disc how many1N4007 should i use?

number of diodes doesnt depend on number of piezos.
you should use the 4 diodes as suggested by ascas

1topsarge4 months ago

I need some help on how to wire the battery for the

DIY Phone Controlled FPV Rover (Fast & Agile)

I have the battery and the boards I need for this project, but do not know how to wire the battery. Please help.


hello Angelo..thank you for inspiring many people in electronics field..indeed you are surprisingly famous in my country now regarding your project of piezoelectric that can charge the power bank to the phone..well, I got a question to ask..did you do calculations before you did the project?if yes,may I have a reference on it especially the calculation of piezoelectric voltage and time taken to fully charge the gadget? i hope you can reply me asap..thanks again Angelo :)

nodcah5 months ago

Great profile picture! "I am fun" XD

Good luck preparing for college btw! =D

Hi Bro, have small doubt in "Electricity Generating Footwear" Step 9, I have highlighted a wire in red (cross) where it gets connected to. Please let me know