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yhdesai1 month ago

please post instructable on your cnc post on how much it is built so that we can have a start

1topsarge1 month ago

I need some help on how to wire the battery for the

DIY Phone Controlled FPV Rover (Fast & Agile)

I have the battery and the boards I need for this project, but do not know how to wire the battery. Please help.


hello Angelo..thank you for inspiring many people in electronics field..indeed you are surprisingly famous in my country now regarding your project of piezoelectric that can charge the power bank to the phone..well, I got a question to ask..did you do calculations before you did the project?if yes,may I have a reference on it especially the calculation of piezoelectric voltage and time taken to fully charge the gadget? i hope you can reply me asap..thanks again Angelo :)

nodcah1 month ago

Great profile picture! "I am fun" XD

Good luck preparing for college btw! =D

Hi Bro, have small doubt in "Electricity Generating Footwear" Step 9, I have highlighted a wire in red (cross) where it gets connected to. Please let me know


its going to piezos on other side

ASCAS (author)  sridharsrinivasan5552 months ago

I replied to your PM :))

mpmuebles2 months ago

very nice projects Angelo, please continue like this!

rcolon52 months ago

hi i tried to make a bluetooth speaker and make some noise and where i find a passive radiator

yhdesai3 months ago

I have participated in making windmill which drives most led without adding any circuit

of what should i make the fan

ASCAS (author)  yhdesai3 months ago

Nice! You still need to add a voltage regulator, otherwise you'll damage the LEDs once you reach the over-voltage point.

yhdesai ASCAS2 months ago

competition was on 2 oct

result will be declared on 19 oct

we had to use only 12 volt motor provided by them which did not gave so much power that leds might get damaged

what if you make a windmill
give it a try,its not as easy as you are thinking

andream_mae2 months ago

Ano pong fb group nio??

andream_mae4 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
ASCAS (author)  andream_mae3 months ago

Mga P300-400 kasama po yung powerbank.