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I know you from Youtube and am just like you but i am only 11

It looks great

bllssmbll1 month ago

Hello! Can you help to me about FM Receiver Circuits? Thanks a lot!


Hey, i'm working in a bb8 based on your project but a lil bit smaller. I downloaded the PDF file but I'm having some issues regarding the MDF cutout measurements as well as the post supports. My mail is carloshurtado2betania-patmos.org thanks

Hi Angelo,

I've signed up and downloaded your PDFs but I'm having trouble finding the measurements for the MDF cutouts and the differences between the blue PVC vs. wood posts supports for the internal magnetics on BB8's head. Can you help? My email is tclifford.brd@gmail.com

BTW, this was a great video/project, Thanks, Tim

What does ASCAS stand for?


GioM12 months ago

Hello, I like your BB-8 design. I live in Manila and I have two questions:

1. What did you do to the beach ball?

2. What part did you buy in each store (e-gizmo mechatronix center, alexan, etc.)?

Please reply...
GioM1 GioM12 months ago

I forgot, please send the polou motor driver library codes to giomaverick13@gmail.com. I'm 12 years old and I'm having a hard time with programming...Thank you!

kunalnc17 GioM11 month ago

even i am 12 and am having quite similiar problems could you even help me with te programing my id is kunalnc17@gmail.com

GioM1 GioM12 months ago

I forgot, please send the pdf templates to giomaverick13@gmail.com...

MichaelS5252 months ago

Hi, your BB8 project is great!!!!!

I wanted to start my BB8 project in a few weeks together with my son.

So I begin to get the parts and reading the instructions. I already got the main pdf file as a pro member from this site.

But I do have some important questions at this time:

- Where did you connect the servo that controls the head? And how you control it? What kind of servo is used?

- Do you have a wood measurement specification for me?

- In your project there stands that a pdf file for the painting could be downloaded 'below'. Were is it?

- How do you charge it after closed? Are there connectors (flat) mounted to the outside?
- There is a 3rd wooden plate at the bottom, is it just for weight balance? Are there rolers mounted?
- The mp3 module + voices are controled from the app? How?

My son would be sooooo happy if we could build it up so perfect as yours!!!!

Please help me with my questions...

Thank you so much!!!!

if it helps, here is my email: karsten47110815@gmail.com

eva_gn_spain2 months ago

Hello Angelo, great project! I'm trying to do my own BB-8 droid and i need to know how to complete the ciurcuit with a battery charge system. Can you help me please? If you prefeer, this is my email: evagnog@gmail.com Thank you so much!