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  • AT commented on AT's instructable How to trap a mouse5 months ago
    How to trap a mouse

    For the most part, the dead mice look just fine. I do take them outside and place them in a tree where they are typically taken as food by one of the local big birds. Much of my yard is a mouse house as it were. There are plenty of places where they live. Nature has a way of providing for them both with food and shelter. So as long as they stay out of my house, I leave a big chunk of my yard alone so they can do their mouse things.

    We try to keep the mice out of the house and are doing a good job of that. Because of this, tracking on a monthly basis doesn't even make sense as the number of mice are maybe 6 a year and most of them are in the attached garage.

    The best way to deal with the mice is just what you did; keep them outside. Mice are very small and it doesn't take much of a chink in the armor to let them in. Mice can climb vertical walls making their options greater that one might think.Good job for figuring out how they get into your house and fixing that issue.

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  • AT commented on AT's instructable How to trap a mouse6 months ago
    How to trap a mouse

    The problem with using a live trap is what to do with the mouse. If you let them out in your yard, they will come right back in. I could walk them over to my neighbor's and let them go there; but I like my neighbors and don't want to just pass the buckAnother issue is the size of a live trap means I can't get them into the small areas where a mouse does it sneaking around. We really do not need mice chewing into our dry goods or living in our stove (that was very odd).Don't get me wrong; I like mice. I had a pet mouse when I was much younger. They also make great meals for some of the larger birds we are in the area.

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