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I am a journeyman of projects - when I see something that I want to accomplish it, I do so with attention to detail and quality. I have a background in software and hardware, but also excel in DIY home improvement projects. I am documenting many of my projects in the hopes that it will both inspire others to take on things in need of work in their own life, as well as to provide help to those engaged in the very same pursuits. My main focus right now is Android applications - development a... Read More »

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  • AZ_Maker commented on DIY ZE's instructable Ghost hologram projection in window1 year ago
    Ghost hologram projection in window

    We've been using my old (partially working) projector for the last few years with either a white sheet or white paper over the window. A transparent sheet is a great idea - that would probably work for our garage window, but not our house window where we don't want people to see in when there are lights on :)The atmosfear fx dvd is great because we put it on autoplay and it goes all night.I just bought a new cheap projector this year and the cool thing is it can play from an SD card or USB, so I'm hoping to put some video on an SD card and no longer need the DVD player. It's not as bright as my home theater projector, but it's amazingly good for the cheap price point.

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  • Make A Wi-fi Webcam From An Old Android Phone

    This is still a relevant instructable! To monitor your IP cameras from another Android device, I use TinyCam ( It works great for IP cameras made from Android devices as well as dedicated cameras (like Foscam).

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  • AZ_Maker commented on Density's instructable SECRET MAGNETIC LOCK DRAWER1 year ago

    Sorry for the slightly off-topic, but that might be a job for something a little simpler. I had trouble until I found this (pictured) - a little sled that slides along the top of the door and locks into a peg screwed into the top of the frame. We didn't need the stick (for shorter adults to reach it) and it's easy to slide from both sides. It was surprisingly secure, and didn't break the one time I accidentally burst through the door with man strength :) Look for "child proof deluxe door top lock".I'm certain some creative Instructables users can come up with something that looks nicer, but here's your inspiration - putting the mechanism up high makes it automatically child resistant.

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