• Let's Make! 5 More BreadBoard Projects For Beginners

    Hi there! Thank you for this list. I tried to make the last (fastest fingers first game) circuit however, the LED on the left side of the schematic does not stay on like it's supposed to? It kind of blinks when the button is pressed and then turns off. The right LED works perfectly though. I have rechecked my connections several times and even tried different components. One interesting thing to note is, when I touch the legs of any component on the breadboard with my finger...the circuit magically works! This is very strange to me and I was wondering if somebody could explain? After googling a bit, I have found that people have had similar issues when cascading ICs, and I myself recall another instance of "circuit suspiciously working when I touch my finger a certain way", like what's the deal and how do I fix this?

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