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Hello loyal subscriber, I wish you a happy Easter on this fine Sunday. I hope you have a lot of fun today doing whatever your family does on Easter. And as a knexer, continue to be innovative and post new guns, cars, and other things =D

Acepilot42 (author)  beanieostrich5 years ago
thank you sir! i am posting a pistol and machine gun if my photos will save from my emails! lol
Sounds good =D
onrust5 years ago
is the Off Spring still making music?
Acepilot42 (author)  onrust5 years ago
you mean Offspring and yes they are coming out with a new album in november i believe
farzadbayan5 years ago
No problem , also I found this patch for you . I think it's version 1.6 , but if you have problem with this patch , I can't help you ! I think it's better for you to send your problem in BF forums .
TSC5 years ago
Have you seen the eleictci knex scooter on you tube?????!!!!! 
Acepilot42 (author)  TSC5 years ago
TSC Acepilot425 years ago
Here is the link!!!
Acepilot42 (author)  TSC5 years ago
lol i looked up knex electric scooter when u told me and that thing is pretty cool i have to admit but thanks for the link anyways! ps is there a way to vote for your duct tape projects in the contest?
TSC Acepilot425 years ago
Hey can you please vote for my instructable!
TSC Acepilot425 years ago
sorry the voteing starts today in the halloween contest!!
Acepilot42 (author)  TSC5 years ago
ok!! thanks!
TSC Acepilot425 years ago
And thanks for the vote!!!
TSC Acepilot425 years ago
Your welcome!!!