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itsxjbaby8 years ago
hey how did u dye ur hemp?
AdamK (author)  itsxjbaby8 years ago
Sorry for the delay on this.
I dyed my hemp using some leftover hair dye that I had. I forget the brand name, but it was the "brick red" colour -- it made my hair about as pink as that hemp though... Not very red. =/

I don't recommend doing this. When you dye hemp, it becomes much thinner and wispier. You can tell just by looking at the pictures how weak the hemp is. Since hemp is usually pretty rugged and tough, home-dyed hemp is pretty much a class of it's own (and a lower class, imho).
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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