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  • AdamT96 commented on StephanP1's instructable Coffee Table Made Form a Single 2x41 month ago
    Coffee Table Made Form a Single 2x4

    http://www.toolcrib.com/blog/2009/03/14-circular-s...not affiliated with this site but I can't believe everyone that is on this site that fosters creativity and are willing to let themselves be so limited. Everything you need to make a build like this can be done with a circular saw and a few DIY jigs. If this is something you might have a passion for (which I believe is the reason we are drawn to these sites) then learn to adapt!

    don't limit yourself! We do these things to fuel a creativity inside of us. Here is a site with a ton of jigs to make that allow you to do almost all of this with just a circular saw.http://www.toolcrib.com/blog/2009/03/14-circular-s...The rest can be completed with a chisel and a hammer... same tools that the cavemen used lol.

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