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  • Wiring your Z stepper Motors in Series

    To reverse the direction of a bipolar stepper motor, you need to swap the polarity of *one*, and only one, of its coils. To do this, instead of bridging the pins diagonally both times, bridge it diagonally on one side, and vertically on the other.Below is a crude attempt at ascii representation of how the pins would be bridged, hopefully it displays ok and makes sense:*/*|/**|

    Here's my edited pic I meant to attach above:

    Honestly I'm not sure if that will run with one reversed since you are swapping which coils are in series. which makes it more of a puzzle to decipher. Keep the coil color pairs the same, but reverse the order of the colors.I've attached an edit to your pic which shows how I would recommend you wire for the bottom motor to be reversed: An example of current flow is drawn in magenta. So if current goes in the red wire of the top motor, comes out the blue wire, then in the second motor goes in the red wire and out the blue again. This coil is wired the same for both motors. Now look at current going in the green wire of the top motor, out the black, then into the black and out the green for the bottom motor. So this coil is reversed for the bottom motor, relative to the top motor.

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