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I've got a question Should i buy metal primer to use on the metal parts of my case and also use it on the plastic parts or should I also buy a plastic primer specifically for my plastic parts.
Or should i get self etching primer cause that seams to work for both. planning on modding my cooler master haf 912 this summer. i'll be painting the interior black. And possibly painting the side panels and front bezel white.
Mplinnc6 years ago

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Keith-Kid8 years ago
Great Vids!
coolz8 years ago
youre the first guy who has more video instructables than comments!
Mplinnc coolz6 years ago
No I do I have 9 instructables and 1 comment.
Mplinnc6 years ago

I whold like to be your buddy!

zerogamer7 years ago
wow painting mod my computer lol
artworker7 years ago
Your videos are one of the best on instructables!
I will try them!
Dr.Paj8 years ago
I love your videos and decided to show you a link I just stumbled upon, this link will show you a paint that changes colors when heated or cooled (might look cool as a case mod or a mouse/controller. Might even be cool if it was incorporated into one of your videos (if you can handle the price, which I don't even know about, but I bet it isn't cheap)

Here is the link, Color Changing Paint, enjoy.
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