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  • AjinkyaW1 commented on jainrk's instructable Programming a HTTP Server on ESP-8266-12E6 months ago
    Programming a HTTP Server on ESP-8266-12E

    hellow .i tried the instructions and program you have given. my practical was successful , but the thing where i am getting the problem is , when i power off the esp8266 device and when the power comes back , it doesnt start the program i have uploaded , i need to reprogram it to make it work again.my pin connections are :ESP8266-12E : TTLwhile programming the esp8266 via ttl.gnd - gndvcc - vcc (3.3v)en - (3.3v)rx - txtx -rxGPIO 0 - GNDGPIO 15 - GNDAFTER PROGRAMMING I REMOVE GPIO 0 AND GPIO 15 FROM the ground. the program i have uploaded only works once when the upload is complete but not after the power goes and comes again. please help i have read a lot of things on internet. and have failed solving the issue.thanks in advance

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