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  • AkinolaM commented on Brennn10's forum topic 10 Best Electronics Suppliers2 years ago

    Please i want you to help me confirm the availability if the following items for as i expect your response asap and i need them from one supplier:Item description -Resistor 2k Ohm TRIMPOT -PCB Mount , 2 way Straight screw terminal block 15A -TERMINAL BLOCK, STRAIGHT, 2 WAY IN 3 WAY BODY, 10-24AWG, 0.2-5.3mm2 440-PUSH BUTTON SPST N.O. D=14 BLK 2 TERMINAL,SPST ROUND PANEL MOUNT MOMENTARY PUSH BUTTON SWITCH BLACK TOP. 125V 3A, NORMALLY OPEN WITH SOLDER TERMINALS -SWIT P-BUTT DPDT R/A ON-(ON) PUSH BUTTON SWITCH-SPDT 40A power relay-SPDT 15A power relaythanks

    please, you can also suggest supplier that can supplier me, thanks

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