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  • Build a Power Supply for Your Guitar Pedals

    would be nice to have given us the veroboard layout picture!

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  • AlM33 commented on frEmn's instructable Repair mouse with double click problem2 years ago
    Repair mouse with double click problem

    very good could also replace the clicker itself using solder + gun.Thank you very much!!!

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  • The ' Little Gem ' - Mini Amplifier / Guitar Amp -

    Hi and thx!You've got all mixed up here on your walkthrough.You say its a guitar amp yet there is no transistor in your layout. It doesnt amplify any guitar. Just a regular audio amp. You've got to fix your walkthrough here cuz it gets confusing for us all. Different schematics/ layouts in the begining then as you proceed to the next steps it changes :PAnyway thanks again.

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  • AlM33 commented on Ghild.Zero's instructable Pocket 10 watt amplifier2 years ago
    Pocket 10 watt amplifier

    Hello and thx!I am new to electronics yet i managed to build this amp and its working properly.I must say thought that your schematics are totaly different values than the ones you used (showed in the pictures). Some values are not shown at all some other are misplaced. For example C2 = 1000uf (taken from your images). In the schematics thought you mention C2 as 470uf. and Goes on.C1 is 470uf and in schematics you say it is 2.2uf.Please correct the numbers in schematics so we all know what you really did here.Thanks alot for your project it was nice!

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