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  • AlaaB5 commented on Seeed Studio's instructable DIY a Simple Automatic Humidifier2 years ago
    DIY a Simple Automatic Humidifier

    2 questions from a total noob:1-How is it working without power?2-How is it "pumping" the water or heating it or whatever without a source for that?Could it be e-voodoo?

    Hi there, Thanks a lot, didn't know the first point, that was useful, regarding the humidifier, I know what it does but I don't know how it pulls the water from the container into the air

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  • AlaaB5 commented on Seeed Studio's instructable DIY a Missing Call Monitor2 years ago
    DIY a Missing Call Monitor

    Hi there, It is me again with my noob questions :D I just see:Wio LinkGrove WS2812 LED StripI understand that IFFF app will connect your phone to the wio link, but how does yoru wio link connect to the internet or phone in this specific case? Does it have a built in wireless connection?

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