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  • How to Revive an Old Motorcycle: Save Money on Gas/Fuel! Cheap Ride!

    (its for my 18th birthday,liscense day)

    So i have acess to an old bike, ive been eying it for months now,its an old 1991 yamaha rx-100its a very popular bike back in india i really would like to fix it , but i want to do it myself or not at allbut i have no experience in any kind of garage work(i very desperateltywant to be able to do it)it a total noob,but i have sense in fairly good amounts. I'm tight on cash toodoes it make sense to you people(pro/semi-pros) for some one like me to attempt fixing it?i could send in a picture btw parts are not hard to find but ill be doing every single thing for the first time,also its pretty beaten un , no one has used it for 3-4 years now , it has rust in some places externally but the transmission seems not to be working(please say yes)

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