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  • AlanS60 commented on russwmoore's instructable How to build your own Jet Engine1 year ago
    How to build your own Jet Engine

    I had to read that statement several times to figure out which spelling of the word was correct. I have come to conclude that they're both correct there ( no pun intended - okay yeah! pun intended ) but give the statement slightly different meanings. But since the author was referencing only one question and not ( 2 or more ), then I now see that using the spelling ( THERE ) is the one most appropriate to imply the intended meaning. And there you go!

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  • AlanS60 commented on ambercollective's instructable How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance1 year ago
    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    I'm glad I went with a hearse rather than an ambulance.

    A Hearse makes a great camping vehicle as well. I bought one in great shape for $2200. A 77 Cadillac. The cargo area fits a twin size mattress so well you'd think it was designed for one. They are great for hauling appliances, furnature, lumber, and just about anything you'd normally haul in a truck.

    Then you might want to consider a Hearse. You can be sure no one has died in a Hearse. They are already dead before they are a passenger.

    Wow, with the average male height being 5'10", you must hate a lot of people! Lol, only joking. I misinterpreted your sentence until I read the last 2 words.

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