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  • AlbertB40 commented on stangtime's instructable $400 DIY Drawer Slide CNC Machine8 months ago
    $400 DIY Drawer Slide CNC Machine

    Sir, i want to say that of all the "home made " or diy of your own design... wow. The work you did is some of the cleanest, neatest and most organized ive ever seen. I expect to see absolutely amazing things fromyou in the future. Oh by the way, im not just some average dumbass fan boy. I did 14 yrs of welding, fitting and fabrication. Also during that 14yr span i also had a few side projects. Built several full on race engines from scratch ranging from 400 - 700 hp. I also build an addition to my house which was nearly the size of the original house. So long story short, dont take my praise to lightly. Seriously though, you have done great work and i am excited about seeing what your next work or art will be. Take care sir and have a great day.

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