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  • Alberta Leong commented on Alberta Leong's instructable Acoustic Panels5 months ago
    Acoustic Panels

    Thanks! Please allow me to explain a little more about the considerations for the design.While filling the entire 6" (15cm) with absorbent material would outperform a 4" (10cm) panel with 2" (5cm) air gap, it would be difficult to hang. If you're designing panels to be hung off the wall like picture frames, some air gap would always be present. Anyway, wWe had seriously considered making 6" panels instead of 4" panels, but decided against it due to space constraints.Also, rigid fiberglass was chosen over rockwool because we read that quite a few people had rockwool panels sag over time. It's been 3+ years since these rigid fiberglass panels were built and they are still holding up well :)

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