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    DIY | Ambilight using Arduino Nano

    WS2812 LED Strip specifications:Input voltage:.............DC5v; Power:.......................30leds/m----9watt/meter.......................60leds/m----18watt/meter.......................144leds/m----43.2watt/meterIt's important you have the correct PSU to get all this working!!!!!the WS2812/WS2812b each led on both models consume 0.3 watts @ 5v, you also need to add 10% to the consumption, ie: 100 leds x 0.3w = 30 watts + 10% = 33 watts totalSo say a 5v 3a wall wart is used you DO NOT have enough juice as its only 15 watts total in the above example. on 5v 3a is only 5 watts per amp needing about 7a to power those 100 led's@ RGBFreakI wish you would clean up the misinformation ie PSU/S used, number of leds, wiring diagram, Make this an excellent post RGBFreakTo many posts and youtube videos out there, NONE give any hard detailsnow after ranting on about above im looking to do this project1. Starter kit arduino Uno R32. 4m ws2812b 60/led/m ip30, if it going behind tv why need waterproof?3. 75W 5V 15A Single Output Switching power supply for LED Strip light4. multi-meter to check power supply output level @ 5v5. 9v 1a power adapter wall wartmy setup with led's is going on a 46" panel estimate 3.5m/210 led's total, watts needed 63 + 10% = 69wattstotal spent $47 USDi have a couple of questions if anyone can chime inthe arduino uno shows 5v operating but"7-12v recommended", hence why i got the 9v wall wart1. can i use the wart for the Arduino, and the 5v PSU for the LED strip separate? no crossing grounds, or do grounds get crossed? 2. do i just use the 5v 75w PSU to power both? if so grounds do cross on the Arduino + LED strip?

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