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    Freezing lots of Computers at Once

    Hey There People Of The Internet! I got some info for this topic :)1. There is a service that was enabled in older computers (up to XP) and it is what allowed the messenger to work. Although this may not automatically be enabled when you get a personal PC/Laptop it may work at the school since they enable services that would allow them to do certain things with the School Computers.2. There is a small chance that you could get caught...most school computers have a guest account though so log into that and don't login to anything that would help them figure out its you. 3. There is a way to set this up with Task Scheduler but its pretty tricky to do so since you need Administrative Permissions4. If you get caught you could get introuble for freezing the computers unless you say this "I was downloading an .MP3 File and a window opened and said i need to download the better quality file and it downloaded a file and when opened it freezed my PC" when i get home i will even make a quick website that does that and it fakes an .MP3 so you guys have evidence...Anyway, your welcome for this information. Make sure to email me or add me on skype for further informationEmail: ackruger400@gmail.comSkype: EnderBoy898See ya!

    If you want this to Autorun you have to get into the Startup Folder, Click the start button and start typing "Startup" it would find a folder nammed startup, just drag the file into that folder and then when the xomputer is powered on and someone logs in it will automatically launch that file and nobody will know why for the longest time until the tech department figures it out.

    Sorry for those spelling errors, i try to be professional :P

    You could Hard Shutdown the computer. Or do you mean that you want it to stop while it does it to everyone else? If that is the case you cannot not stop it on your PC otherwise it would stop for everyone else. It makes it better anyways because people see it happening to you and so they don't suspect its you!

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