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    Hollow wooden kitesurfboard

    Long boards with little to no rocker are best suited to light winds. My version turned out 150cm x 42cm (9cm front and 6cm rear rocker) because of the wood I had already. I kept the original rocker because I get a lot of surf. It works great for me in 10 knots with a 15m kite (I weigh 62kg). If you're heavier or go out in lighter winds, I'd recommend a longer, wider board with less rocker. I made a 160cm x 50cm dogbone lightwind board (no rocker) after this build with 5mm construction plywood scraps and wood glue. Sealed the thing in clear epoxy and regretted it becuase I used epoxy meant for arts and crafts that cured way too fast, resulting in too thick of a coat. So, get a proper slow-hardening resin unless you have experience with epoxy (I didn't, and ended up with a heavy board that lasted 4 sessions). By the way, my 5 kilo board worked great in spite of everything!Cheers and happy building!

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