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  • Alexandraishere commented on John Smith's forum topic Herbst Appliance1 year ago

    I have had my herbst in for five months now. So far it has broken off three times and when I first got it I had a lisp, my tongue hurt, my mouth was sore, and my mom had to blend everything for a month. For those getting it for the first time these are just things you will have to live with and get used to. I can now pronounces my s's and people at school have gotten used to them in my mouth. What sucks is I drool so much making it so embarrassing in public and you have to swallow so many more times, and food gets stuck in my expander all the time. You can't each chewy things or crunchy things and after some visits they add metal things to your pole to give you more of an underbite. Overall though it's just something you have to bear and when it's over you will be so happy!

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