• AlfieE2 commented on bwayne64's instructable 27 Led Light Mod1 week ago
    27 Led Light Mod

    I have a couple of these modified and mounted around the house all wired to a scrounged 6 volt emergency light battery pack in the basement. The battery unit originally two tungsten bulb heads on it. The LEDs give much more illumination for a lot longer time. They were still going after a 8 hour blackout.

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  • AlfieE2 commented on woodshopcowboy's instructable Stackable Shop Storage Boxes 2 weeks ago
    Stackable Shop Storage Boxes

    I have made some similar storage boxes using tongue-and-groove pine planks. No router required. Hardwood flooring scraps would work as well but have limited height.

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  • How to Stack and Ventilate Firewood with Pallet Wrap

    It takes exactly 1 BTU to convert each pound of water to steam (it is the fact that the BTU unit is based on). That BTU is absorbed in the process and does NOT produce any heat. Weigh a piece of green wood and compare it to its weight after a year of drying - you'll be amazed at the difference. Even "almost dry" wood loses a lot compared to completely dry.

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