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  • AliPoloQ commented on breagan22's instructable ESP8266 Irrigation Controller1 year ago
    ESP8266 Irrigation Controller

    "This configuration can only turn valves on for a time period, that is if orbit turns a valve on, this can't override and turn it off (rain starts or scheduled to come on). However, and the direction I'm moving is to completely bypass the orbit. Once you are connected to your lan or internet (access to a server) you can add sensors and write your own schedule. You can also access weather service for data to incorporate. Probably the only thing I'll keep from the orbit is the outdoor wall wart. Regards." Can you help me with this? Thank you.

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  • AliPoloQ commented on BooRan's instructable Automatic Irrigation System1 year ago
    Automatic Irrigation System

    I need do it this with the internet and a cellphone or web page.. Can you help me?

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