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    Slow smoker

    I've made a 3 more akin to the the A Maze n Smokers, keeping to their 5"x8" size with a ^ shaped maze run, more to stop any material lighting across the maze. The material I used was drilled mild steel that looks like it would used for making oil filters. I don't use one as it was made of galvanised steel which I know gives off nasties. I also made a simple tube style smoker, also like what the same company produces out of the same material. I can't get Stainless Steel sheets, well not for free.. I use wood pellets which give a long (10Hrs) cool burn. The key for me is when lighting, I use a gas torch, keeping the lighter going for a full minute, if there is a flame still in 10 minutes blow it out and off you go. I use mine in an offset BBQ, where the firebox is to the side. So far have done bacon, ham and cheese. Doing your own bacon is easy and well worth doing. Cheese keeps until it is eaten... If I can add images later I will

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