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  • AmybethH1 commented on HellaDelicious's instructable Probiotic Rich Dill Pickles1 year ago
    Probiotic Rich Dill Pickles

    Agreed, the cloudy water means that you have good bacteria. And, you can empty that brine out and add fresh water if you want. But, save the brine! Those good bacteria will speed up the process in your next batch.

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  • AmybethH1 commented on jessyratfink's instructable Vegan Ginger Cookies1 year ago
    Vegan Ginger Cookies

    Thank you, these were fun!

    Actually, vegan and "organic" are not the same things, but you're right to look for "raw" sugar. Refined cane sugar requires bone char (animal bones) to process, and that includes the brown sugar, since it's just white sugar mixed with molasses. So, if you get "raw" sugar, or sugar made from another source than cane (such as beet sugar or coconut sugar--they don't require the bone char), then you'll be safe. You're a good friend for trying.

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