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    Glass Slippers DIY

    I have not applied the polycrylic or the butterflies yet, but these are going to be perfect!I will say I applied and removed the tape three times before I was comfortable with how to apply them properly. I recommend working your way around the foot opening first and then filling in the rest. Also, do not wrap over rounded areas, use smaller peices and try to leave your openings in these areas. Do not wrap over at the foot opening, cut off your tape just before the top of the shoe. Using the tape from Mark's link you will have more than enough. So if you feel something isn't just right, pull it off and try another peice.I used silver patent leather shoes because I thought the shiny silver in between peices of tape would look better, also, I don't need to tape the heels because it looks great with the silver patent.I tried several different types of application. Marks way is the best. I hope I was of some help.

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