• Put on a Motorcycle Helmet Without Undoing the Strap

    OMG! I just tried it with my helmet which happens to fit perfectly. It does work!! I did loosen the strap a bit first but didn't need to 'unloop' it. In my 40+ years of riding I have never seen this method and am VERY GLAD I DID. I live in Oregon and ride in serious rain. Those nice waterproof winter gauntlet gloves that keep the cold wind out of my sleeves become funnels for rain water coursing down my waterproof riding jacket. It can take four or more minutes to get the second gauntlet INSIDE my sleeve. Sometimes I forget to put my ear plugs in before the helmet goes on (did I mention I'm over 60?). Anything that gets that helmet off and back on without having to remove those gloves is a big winner in my book! All I had to do when I tested this method was to cinch it back up. What an improvement. So simple we all go "dah!" (or whine in envy?) BTW Lots of gear comes off when the rider goes down. Even firmly attached things like well laced boots. There is no 'bullet proof' gear... sorry guys.

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