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  • AndrewW173 commented on wilgubeast's instructable 11 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil11 months ago
    11 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil

    maybe a bit expensive but my old diesel landrover can run on baby oil! Just had to try it so I would know. Could get a trace of the fragrance from the exhaust. Not really of much practical use but still smells better than old used deep frying oil.

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  • AndrewW173 commented on Todd W Meyer's instructable My Foam Built Micro Camper11 months ago
    My Foam Built Micro Camper

    sorry to hear about your injury,guess you got some design time wether you wanted it or not!. I did the roof on my campervan using a similar technique to what you are planning. I used some felt as it stretches nicely to give a taut skin and sprayed on my polyester resin using a cheap eBay spray gun for underbody sealant. The pressure forced the resin into the felt nicely and did not need very much working in as the felt accepted the resin very well.My top tip would be to carry out dummy runs on spare bits until you get what you are looking for,too late to find out it's not working when it's on! Important to make sure foam and resin are ok together!

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  • AndrewW173 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Zip Ties12 months ago
    Unusual Uses for Zip Ties

    what about some punky post apocalyptic chain mail made from them? Paired up to a pair of zip tie sandals?

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  • Rusty Junk to Useful Stuff With Chemistry!

    I have had great success removing rust( iron oxide) with a simple solution of molasses in water. Nothing else needed. Just mix a tablespoon per pint of water in a plastic or glass tub. Immerse object and cover over to stop bugs getting in. After a few days somewhere nice and warm you will notice a thick scum on the top.your de- rusted treasure awaits you below this!. Non toxic,non polluting and actually quite tasty!. I dispose of old solution on compost heap and can report great vegetables!

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  • AndrewW173 commented on seamster's instructable 12 Unusual Uses for Nails1 year ago
    12 Unusual Uses for Nails

    three nails pushed through a bit of cardboard or rigid foam makes an excellent support for objects being painted. There is only three very small points of contact that are virtually invisible in the finished object. I make decorative Faberge type eggs and this is by far the best way to support during painting,lacquering and drying.

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  • AndrewW173 followed Electric Vehicles, Home Improvement, Tools, Rockets and 21 others channel 1 year ago
  • Cheap, crash resistant portable T Copter (in apprx 200 USD)

    a good source of cheap but high quality carbon fibre tubing is carp fishing poles. I was given a badly damaged one and was able to cut several long lengths of light weight and strong tubing from it. Was easy to work and bonded readily with epoxy resin. All I had to do was make it known at local fishing lake and tackle shops what I was looking for. I now have several in my workshop rafters for future projects.

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