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  • AndrzejR commented on loveisinmytummy's instructable VEGAN Sweet Potato Burger2 weeks ago
    VEGAN Sweet Potato Burger

    i'm not a vegan, nor am I into hamburgers, but this looks worthy of trying :)

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  • Easy Waterproofing Electronics

    There's a product called "Liquid Tape", its meant as electrical tape, but would be great for this type of a purpose, components/situation permitting. I've used it to fix frayed cables as well as reattach (glue together) really thin/tiny wires where proximity to other plastics/etc make soldering not an option.

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  • AndrzejR commented on dustinbolton's instructable Inexpensive DIY Under-Cabinet Lighting4 months ago
    Inexpensive DIY Under-Cabinet Lighting

    If the voltages match (i.e. don't be using a 15V power supply with a 12V light), and the brick provides enough max amperage (i.e. your lights require say 5amps total and the brick is capable of say 8 [the amperage rating is the max available to be asked for, it will only deliver UP to that max]) then yes, you can use them. Cut off the laptop portion of the cord, verify which cable is positive and which is negative, and go to town soldering/splicing.

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  • How to Instantly Tranfer Images Over Wi-Fi

    Nice idea. Fortunately I have Amazon Prime, so can dump everything there, but always good to have another trick up the sleeve.Haters: this is a great solution if you're someone who already uses whatsapp and aren't interested in yet another/other stupid app getting installed for a singular purpose.

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