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  • Lucet Cord On A Spool Knitter - Bracelet Tutorial To Teach Method

    lucetting is actually quite easy! If you can manage French knitting to produce a round cord, you can manage lucetting to provide a square cord! Both methods are really the same!! loop over stitch on prong, (whether its a wooden lucet or a nail for French knitting)_ - turn repeat - turn - repeat etc!! Starting is a bit of a fiddle but not difficult....take wool round lucet prongs in a figure of eight TWICE...loop lower thread over upper thread, holding onto bottom of what will become your cord (you only need to keep tension for a couple of turns and then it will hold itself) turn and again look lower over upper, then keeping your thread slightly taut just keep thread above look of stitch and keep looping and turning.....Try it again - you'll soon become easier with doing it - honest!!

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