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March 23, 2009
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  • Anthem1 commented on AlmusYang's instructable Building a 3D Printer Under 200$2 months ago
    Building a 3D Printer Under 200$

    I couldn't help modifying mine a bit, made mine 200 x 150 x 150 build size and woodworked it out of plywood instead of laser cutting. I ended up changing to a Bowden setup to keep strain off the Y and Z axis due to weight. I must admit this probably wasn't the smartest move given the cheap extruder I put on gave me fits (poor design...which I modified to work) and I'm topping out the torque on my direct drive extruder motor setup. It just means I have to run this a little slower, between 15 and 25 mm/s. I had trouble initially with the firmware, I found it was a wiring issue in the end. Before I discovered my error I set up everything in Marlin and have been using that since. Thanks for the inspiring design, it was a fun build (my first) and I was definitely able to keep this under $200 US.

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