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Sept. 27, 2016
https://www.facebook.com/Chidiyyaa http://chidiyyaa.blogspot.in/ I create magic in my life and for those who matter I cook up stories when my mind gurgles I create laughter waves when it's gloom and doom I play with clay to make a thing or two I dance on a stumble without a fumble I play in the murky waters with paws and pooches I make the ca...
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  • Swansong commented on AnumitaB's instructable 'Don’t Let Woods Burn' 3 weeks ago
    'Don’t Let Woods Burn'

    Hi and welcome!We're glad you want to share something with the community, but unfortunately this doesn't qualify as an Instructable . . . but you can fix it so it does! :)An Instructable shows others how to do or make something, and outlines the steps to show readers how to duplicate what you have done. Would you like to make some changes or additions to this? Leave me a message here if you do, and I will take a look and publish this if it is ready! Thanks, Your friendly neighborhood instructables staff.

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  • AnumitaB commented on AnumitaB's instructable 'Don’t Let Woods Burn' 3 weeks ago
    'Don’t Let Woods Burn'

    http://www.instructables.com/id/Dont-Let-Woods-Burn‘Don’t let woods burn' was my thought behindmaking these wooden ‘look & feel’ coasters. Made these with thin strips ofstoneware clay which were disposed as extras or scrap , assembled them randomly,textured, glazed brown black and fired in the kiln.They are now ready to takethe centre table and be showered with all your attention. These can be used as a decorative piece along your antiques or be made functional by using them tosupport your tea cup, coffee mug or wine glass! What better way to create outof waste clay and spread the message to protect the environment andsave the planet. I work under the name Chidiyyaa which means a little bird withwings who aspires to fly higher…

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