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  • Easy Android controllable, PC Interfaceable Relatively Cheap Mini Quadcopter (or Octocopter!) Drone...

    Hi,Thank you for your fast reply. We've managed to counter some of the problems you point out. It is meant as an installation during an event, so having borders isn't a problem for our project specifically. I only hoped we could alter the code in such a way (step 6 or 8) that it wouldn't be human driven but vector/data driven. I'll just look around a bit more, try playing around and otherwise alter the idea. ;) Once again thank you so much!

    Hi, shinyshez, Great project!I am currently working on a project in which I'm introducing drones, with swam like behavior, into an architecturalenvironment. I have created a script through processing for the behavior of individual agents within the swam and extracted their positions. At the moment I'm tryingto figure out how to make the drones position themselves in the right place. My question towards you is, is that achievable within the way you designed the scripts or are they always relying on a user controlling the drone?And towards anyone else, have you got any tips, please let me know.

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