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  • I realize this is a year-old question, but unfortunately you probably wouldn't be qualified for a proofreader position, PattyCakes. A common error is making a possessive out of a plural, such as you did with "typos." And "everywhere" is one word. A comma is needed after "If so..." There are many errors just in your own three-sentence post. I hear a buzzer going off.

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  • Poly Pipe Greenhouse and Shadehouse with Sprinkler System

    Vinegar will kill any plant, as far as I know, just by itself, Ro. The dish soap (a couple of quick squirts in a gallon of white vinegar) acts a binder for the vinegar on the plants' leaves. The mixture isn't exact, nor does it need to be. The vinegar does the killing and its small accomplice is the soap binder. I think this will work for you. You can watch this guy fumble around if you want. --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwMqhtXq4y8 . Good luck, my Down-Under friend.

    Yep, pretty simple weedkiller. Here's some testing of various recipes, if you wanna get more scientific --> http://www.garden-counselor-lawn-care.com/vinegar-...For any bugs, I only use sprayed soapy water, too. Even knocks wasps off their nests -- BOOM -- to the ground! (I only kill nests that are in my way. Wasps are beneficial.)

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  • Poly Pipe Greenhouse and Shadehouse with Sprinkler System

    Another safe way to get rid of weeds or any plant is white vinegar with some dish soap, sprayed on them.

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  • How To Make A Minnow Trap Out Of Soda Bottles

    If you use drilled-out plastic pickle (or other large-top) jars, you can affix a cone of screen or from a three-liter plastic bottle into the larger jar lid (with a cut-out hole) with tape or a glue gun. To get your minnows, just unscrew the big lid and dump them into your minnow/crawfish bucket. Glue some rocks onto the big lid or jar side and that will let it sink faster. Just make sure it doesn't sit on the bottom with the coned top down.

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