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  • ArthurJ5 commented on Wood Review's instructable How to Look After Your Tools16 hours ago
    How to Look After Your Tools

    I use desiccant pouches, found in packaging, to keep my tool cabinets dry. Well... dryer. Larger ones are sold to keep closets and gun cabinets dry. I know a lot of traditional woodworkers heads are about to explode, but I also use a good bit of WD40. It's a water displacing compound and was good enough for corrosion control on titan missiles so I figure it's good enough for my tools. It works well and doesn't stain the wood, it's cheep, and readily available. It also got a top review in Fine Woodworking above many traditional oils and waxes.

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on Mikhandmaker.'s instructable Wooden Chamfer Plane 4 days ago
    Wooden Chamfer Plane

    It's really cool! I'll probably make one after my speaker project and guitar project; then I should have time.

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on makerandco's instructable A Better Bevel/Angle Gauge5 days ago
    A Better Bevel/Angle Gauge

    Ahhh... much better!

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  • Multi-Angle Magnetic Hand Saw Guide

    That ebay one is nasty! I like yours much, much better. So much that I will have to make my own. I'm not sure how the wood will do for a precision tool where I live, the humidity swings tremendously in one day. I may have to go with aged tropicals and brass. Hmmmmm...

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on Mikhandmaker.'s instructable Homemade Wooden Clamp5 days ago
     Homemade Wooden Clamp

    Very nice! I like how wooden clamps on wood seem to work better than metal on wood. Well, unless you are forcing the wood to do something it shouldn't.

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  • Hi Fi 50 Watt Tube Amp..... With  BlueTooth.... Why in This Century?.....Really?

    Great instructable. I plan on building one, ... when I get through my other projects. ? I like your emphasis on safety. I force my FIRST Robotics kids to do a safety briefing every week. (I still have (most of) my ten fingers.) Attached is one of my solid state designs, a subwoofer amp. I can't emphasize enough the quality of the power supply.Bubinga face plate.

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  • How To: Restore an Axe- Two Tone Handle/Leather Sheath

    A high speed grinder on an ax! My dad would have a fit! His story is that high speed grinders can heat-up the steel and make an uneven temper on the blade. I've been using files my whole life so that an ax head won't explode in a gum tree and cause total protonic reversal.Yours is a beautiful ax.

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on dpmakestuff's instructable Wooden Block Plane2 months ago
    Wooden Block Plane

    If you are planning on hours of plaining remember the back of the plane, where your hand presses, should fit the contours of your hand. [I just spent 4 hours flattening a 2' X 8' X 3" knotty walnut slab] The handle matters! So, don't try to be symmetrical with your plane design unless you are ambidextrous. Maple is a good choice of American hardwoods for hand planes but tropicals are much harder and will last longer. Osage orange is a very good American hard wood for planes. It grows everywhere but it's hard to find in a lumberyard.

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on MyHobbyStore's instructable Make Your Own Try Plane2 months ago
    Make Your Own Try Plane

    Very good job! I made one with a walnut sole. That was a big mistake! Walnut is heavy but not hard, tropicals are much better for this. I made another, a jointer, from maple with a rosewood sole and an ironwood mouth. It cuts great. Made another (a coffin smoother) from Brazillian cherry with a high cutting angle. It's the bomb for gnarly wood. Keep up the good work!

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on nickton's instructable Molding Plane2 months ago
    Molding Plane

    Good job, but you made the wedge from the short grain of the wood; it should be long grain. That way it won't break if you smack it back or sideways. Also, leave some room for the chips to exit so they don't bunch up in front of the blade. You would notice this if you used it for more than a few feet, but job accomplished!

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  • 5 Times The Trash to a Single Treasure Knife (54TASTK)

    Nice looking knife, bad looking cut. Yikes! Ref. the offset handle, I usually make my skinners with an asymmetric handle, a larger scale on the right side. Made this way they fit better in my hand and I loose far fewer in the gut pile. I wanted to add a picture but iPhone isn't playing well? Anyway, voting because of the injury and the best use of a Harley. =D

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on graydog111's instructable Knife from Sawzall Blade6 months ago
    Knife from Sawzall Blade

    Very nice! I've been thinking about doing that for ages. I actually have some blades on the workbench that I was planning on using to make a fillet knife.

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  • The Process of Building a Cigar Box Guitar Amp - Little Gem or The $5 Crackerbox Amp

    Size doesn't matter. You could drive a Marshall stack with this amp, it won't get loud though. This amp will drive any 8 ohm loudspeaker, but it will only output 3/4 of a watt. So, what you are looking for in a speaker is lots of decibels per watt. Look for a high efficiency speaker one that puts out 95-100db per watt. Whether you use a 5 watt or 50 watt speaker with this amp simply won't matter.If, on the other hand, you want to increase the power output of the amp I suggest you look at other projects. This little amp really can't be modified for higher output.

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  • Thin Strips on The Table Saw

    Make a pattern from one of your hand planes. Or use these: http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=63262

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  • ArthurJ5 commented on misko13's instructable Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands10 months ago
    Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands

    Sure, some people find it easier to remember a simple process rather than an imposing matrix of numbers. I did much better at math when I got to algebra and calculus and the numbers, in many cases, went away. Another example is I play lots of stuff on guitar and I can't tell you what note I'm playing or what cords. The process to play notes is much easier for me when I get rid of all the theory and dispense with memorizing the fretboard, scales, and cords. Having said that, it doesn't stop me from studying Bach.

    True, I use a calculator. The point of this instructable is to show a method of multiplication for those who can't memorize all of the times tables. If you have a less complicated method using your fingers, let's see it.

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