• A newbie's guide to setup ESP8266 with Arduino Mega 2560 or Uno

    NEED URGENT HELP !!!!I am doing aproject to monitor CO2 in indoor environment using mq135 sensor (vcc=5v)yesterday iconnected arduino with the esp8266-01 module I have uploaded the connectionsketch with this post and the running program too.Actually ihave to send the data to thingspeak but when i executed the program to the arduino iam gettingthe following aloneATAT+CWMODE=1AT+CWJAP="Base AP","12345678"AT+CIPSTART="TCP","",80AT+CIPSEND=54AT+CIPCLOSEthis alone when i press the reset switch in uno thisrepeats againATAT+CIPSTART="TCP","",80AT+CIPSEND=54AT+CIPCLOSEcode can be found herehttp://textuploader.com/5nau5ESP8266 ARDUINO SEPARATE COMPONENTS RX TX(PIN1)TX RX(PIN0) VCC AMS1117(3.3V) REGULATORGND GNDCH_PD AMS1117(3.3V) REGULATORGPIO0,GPIO2,RESET (FLOATING)PLS HELP HERE THANKS IN ADVANCE

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