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shazni2 years ago
Wow...hey thanks for following! :-)
shazni2 years ago
Hey...since you liked the is another
check it out and please vote if you like! :-)
AtomRat (author)  shazni2 years ago
Ahh.. this is what the Orange Board can be used for lol
Thanks you very much for sending me the link, I still have not tried the first weave style yet :( I better get onto this for you. Cheers!
shazni AtomRat2 years ago
lol yes...this is an excellent use for the Orange Board. Thanks for the vote...and it's my pleasure to send you the link :-D< grin grin>. I was sooo disappointed when it was given a place and then removed in the glue contest that i thought to give it one more go :-)
Ah i just read you are a dad of 2 in the introduction...lovely :-) you could try all your recycling projects with them!