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  • AustinH35 commented on jblpro150's instructable All in One PC / Computer - DIY2 years ago
    All in One PC / Computer - DIY

    Me and My stepbrother took an old thinkpad 0579-22u and mounted the motherboard to the back of an old monitor using a thin wooden sheet and lining it up with existing screwmounts for the back of the monitor. we then screwed the motherboard onto the display using the existing screws, a little bit of glue, creating cable management, and effort later, and we had a pretty useful all in one, we even managed to jury rig the speakers into working, we decided not to attach a dvd drive (even though we had quite a few spare) due it being unneccessary. The thing runs nice, it has an i370m processor and 4 gb's of ddr3 ram, we used a cheap 60gb hd and run linux lite off it. I think future plans will be to use it as a media center, but only time will tell.

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